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Our questionnaire is designed to obtain information from you AND provide information on the Australian Immigration process.


How about: Our Agents can evaluate your situation and tailor a solution specifically for you.


Once our agents assess your profile, they will contact you offering a more in-depth evaluation. You can choose which Agent you’d like to work with.

Possible Solution

If you meet the requirements for your Visa you and your new Agent can start the application process.

At the end of the questionnaire you will be given feedback based on the information you provide.
This is an estimation ONLY and all the information will need to be assessed and confirmed by a Migration Agent.

What is the chance of obtaining a Permanent Visa ?

The Australian Immigration process is lengthy and complex. This is why it is best to approach it with the assistance of an expert Migration Agent. Agents will give you all the information you need, based on your specific situation.
Obtaining a Permanent Visa depends on several factors, such as:

English competency

Depending on your occupation and the type of Visa you require, your English will need to be assessed and certified.


Holding a qualification related to your field of work will make things easier. If you studied overseas you will need a specific assessment.


Your job experience can make a big difference. Australia is looking for skilled people in many fields and industries. The right skillset will improve your chances.

And more…

Many factors can influence the process, but perhaps the most important thing is having the right information.
Our Agents will take care of that.

Meet our Migration Agents

We currently have more than 50 expert Migration Agents that will review your case and contact you with a possible solution.

Mark Welch

CEO @ Cargil Migration Consulting Ltd

Mark is a UK based Australian Registered Migration Agent (0532994) and has been providing immigration and global mobility services since 2002. We specialise in assisting individuals, families, investors, and business obtain visas for Australia. With over a decade of experience, providing Australian immigration services from within Australia, the UK and Europe, we have your bases covered.

Simona Gacina

CEO @ Simona Migration

At Simona Migration we are a new kind of Migration Agency, one for helping our clients with no hidden agenda. We are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their migration needs. We are confident that our honest advice and affordable fees will exceed your expectations.

Sheryl Klein

CEO @ Klein Migration

An impassioned advocate for new migrants navigating through the immigration process, Sheryl launched Klein Migration to introduce case management process innovations the industry was largely failing to offer clients. Innovations that allow applicants to receive an industry-leading service experience at unmatched affordability. Sheryl earned her Juris Doctor from Monash University and is an Admitted Lawyer in the state of Victoria.

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